Pool/splash pad choice disappointing to some

I am extremely disappointed in the article praising pool success. I do applaud commissioners in trying to do something active for our families here. But they missed the mark and your article was misleading.

1. Citizens concerned with ability to lap swim have expressed concerns for two years now. This includes Otters but not exclusively youth league swimming. We have many adults with interest in lap swimming. This pool will not be able to accommodate any lap swim. These citizens have called and emailed. No commissioner has returned any email or call. In fact, emails appear to be unopened. Is this acceptable behavior for elected officials? So to say we were late to address the issue is entirely false.

2. Lap swim and team practices do NOT take away from any recreation time. Please look at any neighboring area. Buckhannon, Grafton, Philippi are just some of the pools that support lap swimming. The lane lines and blocks are easily removed to accommodate all. I know of no other pools that don’t have this ability.

3. Not one person mentioned an Olympic size pool. This is a 50 meter pool. We are wanting the typical 25 meter design. Again this is what all our surrounding counties have.

The citizens of our county have been unable to work with commissioners to achieve a common goal. We likely have one chance to make this right. The narrative that has been given to public vilifies Otters; Otters is a successful youth program. No other program in the state has been told to fundraise for their own pool. This is because there is no need. Working together we can assure the pool’s success.

In closing, the commissioners did not research public pools and management. It appears your paper didn’t either.

Rachel Anger



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