Neither party is right all the time


This will come as a shock to tens of millions of Americans, perhaps to you: Neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden is wrong all of the time. Neither of them is right all of the time, either. And — brace yourself again — the top priority of leaders in both the Democratic and Republican ...

Social Media


Very soon after he took office nearly four years ago, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner warned about foreign government attempts to influence U.S. elections and foment divisiveness among Americans. Since then, Warner on occasion has reminded us of how online evildoers, including but ...

Clean Air


Older West Virginians remember a time when the air, especially here in manufacturing centers, could be described best in one word: filthy. There were places in our state where particulate pollution was so heavy it stung the eyes and created daily deposits on anything left outside. It has ...

Reporter’s Notebook: Political Potpourri


With just over a week from the general election on Nov. 3, early voting has continued apace with lines and enthusiasm. You still have until 5 p.m. Saturday to cast an early vote. You can still request an absentee ballot until Wednesday, Oct. 28. I don’t want to say it is too late to mail in ...

Voters’ Trust


Getting as many people as possible out to vote and holding a secure, honest election need not be mutually exclusive, despite what you may have been led to believe during this ultra-political year. West Virginia’s chief elections officer, Secretary of State Mac Warner, is making both things ...

Learning how people can survive a pandemic


Last week when Randolph County turned orange on the “Active COVID Count” our schools had to close, and Kump Education Center leaders decided not to begin the Tech-Link Tutoring program until January. We decided to postpone beginning our tutoring program for several reasons. Teachers ...