It seems more studies are confirming what we already knew regarding the toll taken on our collective mental wellbeing during the pandemic. An Ohio State University study of adolescent males showed worsened mental health between March and June 2020, including 32% reporting worsened mood, 33% ...



In reviving the Public Energy Authority, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice gave the appearance of doubling down on the state’s fossil fuels industries. His appointments included the senior vice president of a company that has been in the coal business since 1840, the executive director of the ...

New Project


As politicians go barreling toward an energy future in which some appear unbothered by how much damage is done to the humans living on the planet they claim they are trying to save, researchers at West Virginia University are taking a more holistic approach to the matter. To that end, the WVU ...

Coloring between the lines


The West Virginia Senate’s Democratic Caucus is losing two members and likely opening up an opportunity for Republicans to take two more seats. State Sen. John Unger, D-Berkeley, will resign from his seat representing the 16th Senatorial District to take a position as a magistrate in ...



Each day, we’re understanding more of the lasting impact last year’s lockdowns and school closures could have on our children, both from a mental well-being and educational standpoint. Statewide assessment data released publicly on Thursday are the latest measure of how the past year has ...

Good News, Bad News


First, the good news: West Virginia is no longer dead last in one assessment of the quality of public schools across the country. The bad news? We are still much too close to the bottom. WalletHub’s “2021’s States with the Best and Worst School Systems” ranks the Mountain State 44th ...