Upset by photo of guns brought to rally

Letters to the Editor

For The Inter-Mountain to feature gun-bearing anti-protesters on the front page is an insult to peaceful protesters. Where is the photo of the peaceful protesters? Images can be very powerful. Of course we have the right to bear arms in our country, but doesn’t it go a bit far to ...

Resident: Police brutality is common

Letters to the Editor

Police brutality is not only a black offense, it occurs in our area against white poor people. I’ve seen people who were arrested without any marks on them, but somehow when they got to the jail they were beaten up. Yes, we have some good police, but we also have some punks, My son ...

Official: Labor unions support BLM

Letters to the Editor

North Central WV Labor Council, AFL-CIO, represents over 5,000 working men and women who are union members living in seven counties in north central West Virginia. We, as a labor council, support our black sisters and brothers in this fight for racial equality and justice. Racial and ...

Delighted with an Unsung Hero article

Letters to the Editor

This morning my wife, Nancy, pointed out a wonderful Inter-Mountain article on Facebook about a dear friend, Larry Ferguson. Larry is a wonderful person and certainly deserves to be recognized. I met Larry at Walter Reed General Hospital, Walter Reed Army Medical Center in mid ...

Surviving a pandemic as a community


In March when Lisa Wood, director of the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce, invited Quint Studer, author of “Building a Vibrant Community,” to visit Elkins, the coronavirus was in the international news, but nobody thought that Elkins would shut down within a week. Three months ...

Storm Clouds


We have seen our share of storm clouds locally in recent years but none as turbulent as what we saw last Sunday. Ty Flynn, a local 19-year-old, worked to organize a Black Lives Matters protest and march in Elkins on Sunday. Eighty-eight people indicated on Facebook they would participate in ...