Election time is rolling around again

Letters to the Editor

It is time to vote again, So stop and think how the Republicans in Charleston raised our taxes on vehicles, trailers, boats, driving licenses and not just a little but almost doubling them. Teachers had to go on strike to get a raise. Just to hear the lies from the Republicans. We pay ...

WVFOP seeking to ensure safety

Letters to the Editor

For over 80 years, the West Virginia Fraternal Order of Police (WVFOP) has worked to increase the efficiency of the law enforcement profession, and thus “more firmly establish the confidence of the public in the service dedicated to the protection of life and property.” Today, the WVFOP ...

Crossing the digital divide in days of COVID-19


Tech-Link Tutoring will begin at Kump Education Center later this month if Randolph County does not turn Orange on the WV School Covid-19 Alert Map. We plan to initiate a new program designed to help underserved students deal with some of the challenges of online learning. Parents and ...

Common Sense


Common sense suggests that Gov. Jim Justice is right about one weapon against COVID-19 that he touted recently. Kanawha County has been a particular headache for the governor for several weeks. COVID-19’s penetration there has kept schools closed, even as students in most other counties ...

Reader supporting candidate for sheriff

Letters to the Editor

I want to encourage the voters of Randolph County to vote for Jim Webley for sheriff. I have known Jim for many years and have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for him. He is level-headed, poised, and conducts himself in a responsible and professional manner at all times. He ...

Mooney praised as a strong advocate

Letters to the Editor

U.S. Representative Alex Mooney has been steadfast in his defense of West Virginia’s coal miners and coal companies, which have been the bedrock of West Virginia’s economy for decades. Endorsed by Friends of Coal and the West Virginia Coal Association, miners understand who is working for ...