Annual NWTF banquet deemed to be a success

Letters to the Editor

The Tygart Valley Chapter of National Wild Turkey Foundation were five days away from holding its annual banquet in March, when guidelines from the governor concerning the COVID-19 outbreak came into effect. Finally, after months of waiting, our banquet was held Aug. 29 at the Gandy Dancer in ...

You can’t please everyone


Until recently, there hasn’t been any polling released in the race for Republican Gov. Jim Justice and Democratic Kanawha County Commissioner Ben Salango. So far, all we have is an internal poll paid for by the Justice campaign and conducted by Mark Blankenship, a long-time Republican ...

Mountain State must increase its broadband access


The light gray silhouette of West Virginia stands out against the dark green color of all our surrounding states on a map of “Broadband Access by State” in Melissa Preddy’s article “The High Price of Slow Internet” in the AARP Bulletin September 2020. West Virginia is the only ...

Still a Danger


Availability of a vaccine against COVID-19 cannot come too quickly for residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. That may be the only hope some have of surviving the epidemic — because clearly, no one has come up with any other way of keeping them safe from the ...

Industrial noise can hurt property values

Letters to the Editor

I am one of several hundred concerned citizens who are working together to find ways to better coexist with our Elkins Industrial Park neighbors. Recently I moved back into town after many years up in the Glenmore hills. I am a professional artist, published author, educator, musician, and ...

Citizens’ concerns labeled ‘nonsense’

Letters to the Editor

Two-hundred citizens (who signed a petition) were told their concern about the noise problem from the Hamer Fuel Pellet Plant is “nonsense” by Elkins City Council member Charlie Friddle at the latest Rules and Ordinance (R&O) Committee meeting on Sept.10. Furthermore, in an exception ...