Are we being fooled by ‘the big lie’?

Letters to the Editor

I too am a Vietnam vet. Serving over two and half years in South East Asia and flying over 2,000 hours of combat time. I believe and trust President Trump and so should you. Dorothy and the gang truly believed in the Wizard, right up until they caught a glimpse of that man behind the curtain. ...

Amazing experience


If life is a journey, then I have certainly been living life this week. As I compose this text, I am traveling from state to state with six colleagues from Davis & Elkins College on a whirlwind graduation tour for our 2020 “spring” graduates. Due to COVID-19 our graduates were unable ...

Legal Action


COVID-19 already has killed some businesses in West Virginia. Forced to close when state restrictions designed to keep the disease from spreading were put in place, they simply could not stand months of paying fixed costs without earning any revenue. Even federal assistance, helping keep some ...

Did Trump dishonor American veterans?

Letters to the Editor

West Virginians have always been extremely patriotic during wartime. Just in the 20th century, West Virginia soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice with more than 10,000 men and women losing their lives in military actions (WV Veterans Memorial Archive). Their sacrifices insured the ...

Should voting by mail replace going to polls?

Letters to the Editor

Voting by mail should replace voting at the polls in its entirety. The two institutions that can definitely be trusted are the County Board of Elections and the United States Postal Service. The money saved by eliminating the need for poll workers could be used to offer free postage on the ...

Reader happy to see residents show respect

Letters to the Editor

We hear, see and read about all the divisiveness and animosity and outright hatred between and among the various factions in our society that sometimes a person might think that there is no good left in any of us. I want to say that there is still some good left in our society. Monday I ...