Bad Party

WVU officials worried about student gatherings

For several years, West Virginia University had the unenviable reputation of being a “party school.” Let us hope that does not lead to it becoming the Typhoid Mary of higher education.

Typhoid Mary Mallon was a domestic worker in the United States during the late 1800s.

Somehow, she carried the typhoid fever bacteria without becoming ill herself. Her refusal to quarantine herself led to dozens of other people becoming sick.

COVID-19 is a viral disease that can be transmitted by younger people who experience few, if any symptoms. It can be deadly among older people.

In reopening their Morgantown campus partially for the fall semester, WVU officials stressed student behaviors such as use of face masks and social distancing among students. But this week, there were many reports of students flouting the rules. Numerous parties with no attempts at social distancing were cited.

That could lead to an outbreak of COVID-19 in Morgantown — and elsewhere, if students visit their homes.

WVU officials have vowed to enforce public health measures. They should. Students refusing to take COVID-19 seriously should be sent home.


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