Reader weighs in on proposed gun laws

The following is an open letter to Creigh Deeds, a Democratic Virginia state Senator representing the 25th district, about proposed gun control laws:

Mr. Deeds,

Although I am sure your inbox is quite full these days I would appreciate if you hear me out.

I am not a rabid partisan by any stretch. But I have deep, deep concerns for where the state of Virginia is headed.

I have called Virginia home since 1990. I went to the University of Virginia. I have a business based out of Charlottesville but I live in western Albemarle County.

Virginia has been blessed by quality leadership on both sides of the aisle for decades. The very reason that Virginia has had such peace and prosperity is because no one had the upper hand. Republicans controlled legislature and Democrats controlled the governorship but everyone had to play nice and had to achieve balance and the state benefited because of that. You simply cannot deny the success and prosperity of the state of Virginia right now.

And now within five minutes of the Democrats controlling the legislature the entire state is in a complete uproar. Are you proud to be a part of that? Does that exhibit good leadership on your part? While the rights of gun owners are often foremost in my mind I am sure plenty of people have yelled at you about that. Suffice it to say that the home state of Patrick Henry is a different place than New York or California or Illinois, and my roots go back in both Virginias to before the Revolutionary War. We take our freedom very seriously.

My overall feeling of fear and dread now that the Democrats have taken over control of the legislature and announce this radical agenda is much deeper than that. I see the pathways that states like those listed above have gone down with Democratic leader ship for years and years. Homelessness is rampant, tax rates are extremely high, populations are decreasing, businesses are closing down. I recently hired a project manager from Conn., he said the economy is in decline and there is no sign of relief. Property values have dropped and he took a huge financial hit to move to Virginia. Now he is shocked to see the beginnings of the same problems starting here in the Commonwealth.

I read your opening statement. You paint a bright picture of where Democratic leadership could take this state. But if you look around the country I think you realize in your deepest quietest place that just is not the truth. Virginia is a wonderful state and it deserves to remain such. Decriminalizing minor offenses, increasing tax rates, increased legislation and social programs that are meant to transfer wealth from businesses and success drivers to the population at large do not build peace and prosperity! They encourage despair. They make people like me stay up in the middle of the night worried about the future of my family and the ability to build success in a state that I have come to love.

Is that the legacy that you want? Is that the Virginia that you foresee? Are you so in lockstep with the national party that you are willing to discard the amazing peace and prosperity of Virginia? How could you do that?

I implore you to truly think what is best for your family, for my family, for the state of Virginia and vote accordingly. Please do not blindly represent national party interests. Please represent the Virginians of your district.

Thank you for listening.

Enoch E Snyder III

Charlottesville, Va.