Reader: Manchin has made a mistake

I’m really sad for West Virginians who mistakenly voted for Joe Manchin in the last election, believing that he was a different kind of Democrat. Now the entire country will pay the price for your mistake.

Joe Manchin caved to the pressure he was under to vote in favor of a multi-trillion dollar spending craze, overdrawing not just West Virginia’s future but the entire nation by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Surely West Virginia has finally begun seeing Joe Manchin for what he is.

I can’t place all the blame on Mr. Manchin.

Joe bowed to the pressure that everyone from Joe Biden to Bernie Sanders to those of you reading this, placed on him.

It isn’t surprising that the pressure got to Manchin, on the new green deal and taxing West Virginians.

He didn’t want to have to keep caving further on the legislation. So he leaked that he might leave the party, in the hope that this threat would stop you and the rest of the Democrats from continuing to pressure him.

Everyone should know now Manchin’s threat was an empty one.

Sen. Joe Manchin is not a legitimate “moderate” Democrat, he is just a poser who is really angling for more power within his caucus and more money in his pocket.

Earlier this fall, Manchin made it clear he wouldn’t support Biden’s multi-trillion dollar new green deal legislation that will essentially put another third of the country on the taxpayer dole from cradle to grave. That’s in addition to the tens of millions already on it.

Manchin has been playing the moderate card for years, but he has proven to be a complete fraud on that front.

Generations from now, people of West Virginia and America will look back and know this is when the Democrat party and Joe Manchin destroyed America’s economic competition for the 21st century.

Good day!

Robert Ware

French Creek


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