Families entitled to answers

The family of another military veteran who died at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Clarksburg has filed a lawsuit against the federal agency. It adds to the list of disturbing questions about the facility — none of which has been addressed satisfactorily.

As many as 11 veterans who died at the center appear to have been victims of insulin injections they did not require, and which killed them. At least three lawsuits have been filed by survivors.

All of those who died under suspicious circumstances were treated at the VA hospital in 2018. In fact, investigations into their deaths began in July 2018, but did not come to light until earlier this year, when the family of one dead veteran filed a lawsuit against the VA.

William Holloway, a veteran who lived in Fairmont, is the subject of the most recently filed lawsuit. It alleges that during a 30-hour period on April 3-4, 2018, he received 15 doses of insulin. Only six of them were required for his treatment.

A person of interest who had worked at the hospital has been cited, but not named. No arrests have been reported.

Some lawsuits have alleged sloppy procedures at the hospital contributed to the deaths. The action involving Holloway brings up the question of how he could have received 15 doses of insulin in 30 hours without anyone on the hospital staff intervening to protect him.

Again, that is just one of many issues — including whether criminal culpability exists — the VA has not addressed. Veterans and their families are entitled to some answers without having to wait for lawsuit trials to pry them out of the VA.


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