Could parking lot be better utilized?

Elkins Church of God Family Worship Center on Taylor Avenue has a lovely parking lot. My question is, why isn’t it better utilized?

I have a family member who lives close by. When church is in session or other church events are happening, there are cars lined up in front of the residence. There are even little parking attendants dressed in little reflective vests in the parking lot. There are usually many open parking spaces in the lot, which begs the question, why aren’t these cars parked in the lot rather than in front of the residences?

I understand that homeowners do not own the street and people are legally permitted to park in any area that is not designated a no parking zone. However, wouldn’t it be common courtesy to park in the parking lot if given the option?

If the lot is completely full (the little men in the vests can determine this) then I can see where parking on the street in front of someone’s residence may be inevitable. I just don’t understand why it appears there are several parking spaces empty and yet the street is parked full and it is difficult to visit the people in the houses on that street.

I am not anti-religion by any means, I attend church. I just feel like as Christians, people who attend this church would be more considerate of the people living on the street.

Perhaps the little men in the vests can assist with the parking after the lot gets full and help the cars to find parking that does not inconvenience the neighbors and their visitors? Thank you.

Amy Smith



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