Socialism vs. Conservatism?

Of course Mr. Price is entitled to his opinion. However he should make sure his opinion is formed by the truth rather than what he hears on some media platform which has its own agenda.

It is sad to see that, just as other great societies, destruction is not coming from without but from within! Socialism is for those that want to become sheep and allow the government to determine and run their lives. They welcome to be once again an embryo, dependent on everything they do to be done by others. They have become so brainless that like sheep they will run off the cliff because someone on TV told them to. I wonder if Mr. Price will learn to speak Chinese? Because that’s where we’re headed.

Why do those on the socialist left hate America? America is a massive refutation of their utopian fantasy, universal equality. Those on the socialist left compare America with their vision of a perfect country which has never existed. Rather than change their false theories, they lash out at America and conservatives, including President Trump.

If we consider a “perfect” country, it is not hard to find problems in America: racial prejudice, economic exploitation and inequality, greed, etc. However, countries do not exist in fantasyland; they exist in the real world. However, the world that surrounds us is not too idyllic. If we compare the U.S. to its surroundings, America is the one that begins to resemble an idealized paradise. Otherwise, why do so many foreign nationals risk life and limb to get to America?

Try living in the shoes of a conservative white male in today’s society. Most are afraid to tell the truth about injustices they face, constantly being called a bigot or racist for our morals and values as well as our beliefs. We are considered to be someone with hate because we stand with our hand over our heart while saluting the flag to remember those who have served this great country and to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms so that American socialists can spew hatred.

And do you want to know what “feeling like a failure” is? Failure is being among true American patriots in this country who recently had the 2020 election stolen from them by corrupt politicians for political power and being criticized by the liberal media.

In any election, the overriding consideration in voting should be the political ideologies associated with candidates and the direction America should take.

Is it American Conservatism, promoted by and founded on Biblical/Christian principles that have resulted in the greatest country to have ever existed?

Or is it Socialism, based on godless Marxism that has resulted in catastrophic failure, with millions living in poverty and misery whenever and wherever it’s been tried? Venezuela is a current example

God bless America, God bless President Trump, God save America.

Good day!

Robert Ware

French Creek


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