Bad Signs


Crack are beginning to show in the economic recovery we hoped was under way after encouraging signs this spring and summer. The double whammy of individuals’ failure to do what is necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19 and its variants, and natural disasters such as Hurricane Ida, means ...

Reader: It’s all about states rights

Letters to the Editor

America is entering the strangest phase to date of its COVID experience. We were told by those in charge in Washington that we must not cower from the virus, yet they have now placed the issue of mask mandates and an increase of restrictions in the midst of our national life like a dull ...



Give the pencil-pushers in Charleston a little credit: They made a move late last month they spun as a way to reduce unemployment insurance costs for the state’s businesses by as much as 25% next year — they paid off WorkForce West Virginia’s federal pandemic loan of $185 million before ...

Distinction & Excellence


If asked to describe the opposite of mediocrity, for me it would be distinction and excellence. Those who pursue these two ideals are set apart from others as a result of this unrelenting drive to be the best we can possibly be … no more and no less. Davis & Elkins College is very ...

Enjoy Nature


Throughout our region, many escaped the confines of their homes during the pandemic by heading to a state park. Outdoor activity lends itself to social isolation while at the same time enhancing the health and wellbeing of those enjoying a day in nature. In West Virginia, for example, state ...

Magical Disney experiences


With West Virginia glowing red with COVID-19 delta cases, it made sense to continue with a pre-scheduled trip to Walt Disney World and a state that’s now on the downward glidepath in COVID cases: Florida. The Disney trip has been in the works for a while. I travel fairly frequently with my ...