Flag-selling program aids American Legion

Letters to the Editor

I want to tell everyone of a program that would help the community in displaying their patriotism and flying American flags sold by a veteran’s organization and made in the USA. The American Legion has a program called Flag Rewards where residents or businesses can order American flags ...



There’s nothing to celebrate in news that the number of drug overdose deaths is increasing across the country. But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Provision Drug Overdose Death Counts did hold one piece of positive news for West Virginia. We are one of only six states ...

Expect the unexpected


“Expect the Unexpected” was the theme emblazoned on T-shirts and banners welcoming our newest students to Orientation Weekend. The beginning of a new academic year signaled the annual rejuvenation of the campus and the Elkins community. These hallowed grounds were once again alive with new ...



Our mountains and valleys are a wonder unmatched anywhere in the country. But too often, we fail to respect what visitors to our state travel just to see. Litter (and sometimes large appliances) accumulates at our roadsides at an alarming rate. One wonders why drivers don’t simply wait until ...

Biden takes aim at Trump


WASHINGTON -- President Biden, whom some fellow Democrats have criticized for not being tough enough on Donald Trump, finally has decided to settle for castigating him as an ardent foe of American democracy. In a prime-time television speech Thursday, Biden called for a return to political ...



West Virginians have a lot going against us when it comes to our health. We battle obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, addiction and mental health woes on a scale that makes those in other states wonder what in the world is going on here in the mountains. Among those addictions is ...