Dwindling difference between parties on spending


For a few years, I have sounded the alarm that a growing wave of conservatives are working to make Republicans indistinguishable from Democrats on social spending. Some say that to win elections, Republicans need to pay more attention to families -- by which they mean dole out ever more money ...

Politics by profession


Why are you a conservative? Or a libertarian, Republican, Democrat, socialist? Ok, if you read my column, you’re probably not a socialist ... But how do people come to such different conclusions? We like to think that our politics are formed by rational analysis. We analyze what ...



As the beginning of the school year rapidly approaches in West Virginia, school districts are facing a problem. There are not enough teachers to get the job done. West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee told WV MetroNews he projects there will be more than 1,500 vacancies ...

Is Liz Cheney the GOP’s Joan of Arc?


As the Wyoming primaries approach, The New York Times is already preparing the post-election spin boosting the post-congressional exploits of Rep. Liz Cheney. The Aug. 8 front-page headline was “Cheney Ready to Lose a Race, But Not a Fight.” Times reporter Jonathan Martin laid it on ...

FBI goes after Trump once again


WASHINGTON — The unprecedented FBI search of former president Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Fla., home might go down as one of the most catastrophic mistakes in law enforcement history — one already widely seen by Republicans as an act of political retribution by a bureau whose relentless ...

Going back to school 2022


As parents prepare to send their children back to school, many will have made decisions about their child’s education that will not only put them on a different trajectory, but also impact the public education system, which is being used in too many districts to indoctrinate more than ...