Beverly man charged with two felony counts


ELKINS — A Beverly man is facing two felony charges.

Brian Keith Vance, 45, is charged with both receiving/transferring stolen property and fleeing an officer with reckless indifference.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Deputy Sheriff Aaron M. Channell of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, the officer responded to a theft call from Elkins Fordland located on the Beverly Five Lane on Nov. 1. There Channell learned that the bumper for a Belington EMS vehicle that Fordland was working on had been missing since the day prior, says the report.

The report additionally states that security camera had captured a brown Chevrolet minivan drive around the back side if the building where the bumper was located at approximately 5:47 p.m. on Oct. 14; at approximately 10:30 p.m. that same evening, security cameras captured footage of the same van pull up to where the bumper was located, at which time two men got out of the van and loaded the bumper into the trunk. According to the report, a call was made to a man who owned a van matching the one in the video. The man then stated that he saw the bumper in the back of the van after he had loaned it to someone.

Channell executed a search warrant issued by the Randolph County Magistrate Court for the property located at 1501 Poe Run Road, the last known location of the bumper and brush guard, on Nov. 14. In his report, Channell stated that he “noticed that there was a chrome bumper laying on a pile of old car parts and other items outside of what appeared to be a garage.” Upon entering the garage, Channell said he noticed a brush guard in the rafters that matched the one stolen from Fordland.