Taking a close look at writers’ claims

Attention, Inter-Mountain readers: You are still being duped by certain local letter writers.

I’ll fill you in shortly but I want to urge you, when you see something written down as fact but no reference is given, please look it up for yourself. Stay away from those opinion writers — they’re also trying to deceive you by craftily constructing their sentences to appear factual. There are plenty of reputable news outlets you can call up online.

OK! Let’s start with a letter I submitted in March in which I pointed out how the liberals hate Trump but can’t say why and they hate Fox News but don’t give a reason. Well, Mr. Brenwalt came out with guns blazing in a March 30 letter taking aim at me and Robert Ware. As usual, he was firing blanks.

A couple examples: (1) More griping about the tax cuts benefiting the rich. I’m 69 years old and have been paying attention to Washington over 50 years. The very rich always come out the big winners in tax cuts. Nothing new here. It might not be right but it’s legal. Not Trump’s fault.( 2) Republicans are the real bigots because there are more non-whites and women Democrats elected than Republicans. Could it be because there are fewer Republicans running? Probably didn’t check that out.(3) The government shutdown, which likely crippled the nation for years to come. Or did it?

In reality Mr. Brenwalt came closer to the truth on the parks than anything else he wrote about. USA Today and The Hill both had good articles about it. We have a class of people in this country who are idiots and do whatever they want. These idiots ignored the news reports and road signs that said “closed” and went in anyway. Everything was locked up, so they used the back of buildings for restrooms and built illegal camp fires and trashed the parks. However, they will do the same thing if parks are shut down for potential volcanic activity or forest fire danger because they’re idiots.

Lastly, the airliner debacle. No furloughed (laid off) government worker lost one cent of pay. All received back pay when it was over. None of them missed a meal and no babies went to bed hungry. That’s a fact. VOX Media ran a good article, written by Dylan Scott. Look it up.

Also, no noncertified planes ever left the ground. All were inspected as usual. None crashed and no lives were ever in danger. Some brand new planes, not yet in service, had to wait for final certification, but that’s all.

Some contract workers may not get paid, but they work for a government contractor, not the government.

Friends, President Reagan is no longer with us. There has been no one else brave enough to step up and take a firm stand until President Trump. Obama had no spine and look where he put us. It’s time to turn around and take another route.

Harold Arbogast